I'm Ivan Delsinne

About myself

Some informations

  • Age: 20 years old (born the 18/08/1998)
  • Nickname: Artemix (or Artemis)

Let me introduce myself

Thanks to video games, I mainly learned English, but also other skills like electronics, logic and better instinct. I actually spent countless hours on a lot of video games (200+ games) of all sorts, and to play everyday gave me a constant inspiration, something essential to develop.
Today, I share most of my creations on platforms like Vimeo, Gitlab or my own website, which includes a dedicated blog zone.
To create and learn have always been the core of my activities. Since a very early age, I'm exploring the digital world, which let me reach my goals.
After a long adventure in games and networks, I've now become a developer to be able to bring others in worlds from my own inspiration.
I also learnt to play several musical instruments, mainly piano and guitar, and I'm now planning to learn violin, even if it's obviously way more complex.